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Nos Chiens


Easy Of Angel's Head


Née le : 12/ 02 / 2005
Sexe : Femelle - Yellow
Mon Pedigree
Carpenny Made the Trip Lembas to the Moon and Back

Ch. (B. GB.) Sandylands Gad-About

Lembas Mysterious Girl
Kamrats Rustibus

Ch. (SH. GB.) Carpenny Rustina

Ch.(SH. GB.) Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny

Alena Of Angel's Head

Mardas Angelshead Mc Gregor

Miramonte Mccririck at Ropthorn
Mardas Olivia
Ucress of Angel's Head Foxrush Poetry in Motion
Sunshine of Angel's Head
Résultats Expositions